My wedding dress was altered by Mrs. Roberta and she did a PHENOMENAL job! She was able to complete my alterations for a reasonable price considering my dress was entirely beaded from top to bottom. It fit me perfectly. I bought a veil online that unfortunately did not match the color of my dress; Mrs. Roberta handmade a veil for me! Her work is undeniably the best in Charleston and she shows a genuine care towards her customers. – Mariam B


When the Best Day of Your Life is Left in these Hands...You Know it's Going to be Perfect! Thanks Again Roberta! – Jade Austin Whited


Thanks to Berta, Jodi, another bride and 2 designers, I had the most perfect gown for my wedding!! – Nicole Ferroni


I've read some negative reviews, but take into consideration that there are bridezillas who are on a mission to stomp anyone who doesn't tailor to their every unreasonable whim...My time with Roberta and Mary has been nothing short of a blast! My appointments with them have been so fun. They're great people and great at what they do--they transformed my wedding gown into the perfect dress. Their work is immaculate. No alteration was too challenging. Professionals all the way, too! They are amazing at what they do, and I can't recommend them enough. – Christin Smith


Love, love, love them! I had major alterations done to my wedding dress and they made my vision a reality. Can't thank them enough! - Kimberly


Our clients have used Roberta and her team for YEARS with rave reviews each time.  She has always been fun to work with, flexible and precise which is a big deal when working on such an important piece of a wedding as a wedding dress.  This weekend we had a last minute emergency alteration that Roberta completed in less than 24 hours.  We could not be more pleased and neither could our bride.  Thank you A Stitch Witch! – Luke W.


The ladies at Stitch Witch are miracle workers! They were exremely willing to help me at the last minute after the seamstress at the bridal shop where I purchased my dress was unable to fix my dress after several attemps. I took my dress to them with only hours to spare and they fixed it! I have already reccomended them to several friends and family members including a soon to be bride! – Heather


My daughter found a dress she absolutely loved for prom. We went to several different places and were told that the alterations she needed done could not be done on this dress. She was so upset and we were about to take the dress back and start looking for another one when a friend told me about A Stitch Witch. We decided to try before we took it back to the store and I'm so glad that we did!!! They told me that they could most definitely alter the dress and that it would not be a problem. The dress fit perfectly and she looked beautiful. Needless to say, making a teenage girl happy can be difficult but they certainly did. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of alterations as they can do things others say can't be done.  – Baileys Ma


After having a horrendous experience with the bridal boutique dress I purchased and the owner of the store, I turned to Roberta at a stitch witch to help with the severe alterations. The dress needed to be lengthened (not a problem), but the dress was too small. The ""designer"" said that it would take minimal alterations in the back, but she really had no idea what she was talking about. Roberta had to redesign the entire back of the dress in 2 weeks for my wedding. She also offered to pick up my veil, dress, steam my dress, and deliver it to my hotel room all so I wouldn't have to deal with the woman from whom I purchased the dress. 
As icing on the cake, Roberta and her team constructed a fabric flower to replace the tattered looking trashy item the ""designer"" had put together for me. – CM Hotchkiss


A Stitch Witch saved my wedding day (May 14, 2016). My dress got ruined by the previous tailor and I brought it to A Stitch Witch the morning of my wedding and they fixed it within an hour and an amazing price, less than half the price of the one who ruined it. The fix was not easy. They had to hem the entire dress and deal with several other issues while I went to buy new shoes to work with needing a shorter dress to fix the problem areas. They dropped what they were doing to accommodate my emergency and finished in the time I snagged a new pair of shoes. All of this occurred a few hours before my wedding and I was extremely happy with the job they did. Don't take your wedding dress anywhere else. They are amazing. – Brooklyn O’Shea


The ladies there were so sweet when I had my wedding dress altered! It is beautiful and fits like a glove! – Karmen Noel Wood


I am so happy about the fact that Roberta stepped in and took care of a potentially awful situation. I have no doubt that she would have stepped in even sooner had I communicated better! Thank you Roberta for an amazing job and so timely done! A bride and her mother do not need extra stress 7 days before the big event and you helped curb that situation immediately! – Cheri Minahan


Julia took amazing care of me & made sure my wedding gown was exactly the fit I needed. I really appreciated her no nonsense approach because I'd much rather hear an expert's honest opinion than fluff. End result: impeccable work, gorgeous gown, happy bride! – Christine Wueste


Thank you Roberta and your amazing team for making all my dresses simply perfect!! You all rock!! – Piper Reiff Byzet


They did a great job- enjoyed working with the ladies at a stitch witch, and I loved my dress!! – Lauren Becker


Practically perfect in every way. Thank you for making me feel beautiful! – Tyler Ann Smith


They take care of me every time! And they're hilarious. – Jana Delli-Gatti


I had a great experience there. Very nice, helpful, quick and easily worked with my hectic schedule! – Christen Chaconas


Love the ladies at Stitch Witch and their work! My daughter lives in NYC and has been in two weddings in the past year in Charleston. She always rolls in to town with her bridesmaids dress and expects it to fit. Of course it does not!  Enter... Stitch Witch...They are awesome! Both times a perfect job and very timely. I have also used them to hem pants, jeans, turn a shift dress in to a tunic... Really, could not be more pleased. – Jan J.


Allison and the wonderful ladies of A Stitch Witch! I cannot say enough kind and amazing words about this alteration group. Allison reconstructed my grandmother's wedding dress for my rehearsal perfectly, made an exquisite hair piece from the lace of my mother's veil, and tailored my wedding gown precisely. I felt like I was with family each time I went to them. They even helped my matron of honor from Australia who needed alterations three days before the wedding. Thank you Allison and thank you Stitch Witch! – Sarah


I bought my wedding dress from White and A Stitch Witch does all of their alterations. They did the most amazing time with the fitting and added a lot of beautiful beadwork on the bodice of the gown. I could not be happier with their work.  I had sleeves added to my bridesmaid dresses and had the neckline brought up. Originally, I had taken the dresses to The Dressing Room on King St. She did the alterations on one dress and they were absolutely horrible. As soon as I realized how bad it was, I brought them to A Stitch Witch. They fixed the one dress and did three other dresses. They designed the sleeves to put on the dress and the dresses looked beautiful. I am very grateful I did not settle for terrible work and brought all the dresses involved in my wedding to A Stitch Witch. I highly recommend that all brides go here for any alterations. The people here are creative, professional, and highly skilled.  Thank you for helping to make my wedding day wonderful! - Anonymous